Live Acts

Our stage will be full of talent from Vienna’s queer, feminist scene.

Their collective voices have so much to say. The live acts will begin on the street stage at 1 pm and continue into the night.

Complete Program here

Street Stage
13:00 Qi
14:00 IMỌLE
15:00 DaDa JV
16:00 JG Danso
16:30 Gays & Theys Comedy
17:00 মm
18:00 Drag Your Life Up!
19:00 Lucy
20:00 Helilane
20:45 Aygyul

Inside Villa Vida
22:00 মm

Afterparty @ Celeste
(Suggested donation €10)

23:30 Mizz Mexo
2:00 মm

more coming soon…

Find out more about the Performers and Artists here.

Workshops/ Participate

We share knowledge and evolve. In a world that doesn’t always see us for who we are, it’s imperative that we celebrate ourselves and find ways to live our best life.

Our workshops and presentations take place on the first floor of the villa in our common room. Please click below and register.


10:00 Marginal Magic
18:00 Drag Your Life Up (Performance on the Street Stage)


13:00 Viva la Vulva

Information Stands

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