12 pm – Yoga and Self Love

2:30 pm – Türkis Rosa Lila Villa Membership and Benefits

3 pm – Sexual Health & STI Prevention

4 pm – Trans Identities for Allies

6 pm Mental Health Practice as Queer Critical Resistance

  • Yoga & Self Love

    Workshop Language: English & German A Love Story The relationship with ourselves is often the most difficult.It is shaped by social prejudicesand experiences. But love can only start within us.I want to invite youto become close friends with yourselfand reconnect with you. How? Together in a circle we first connect throughgentle movements with our body … Read moreYoga & Self Love

  • Trans Identities for Allies

    Workshop Language: German Are you looking to support the trans* people around you? Has a person close to you come out as trans* and you‘re overwhelmed by online information? Did you witness a trans* person being harassed in public and didn’t know what to do? Do you have questions but are worried they might be … Read moreTrans Identities for Allies

  • Mental Health Practice as Queer Critical Resistance

    Workshop Language: English The workshop will navigate the different critical topics around mental health from a social worker’s point of view. It will try to touch the following topics:  Navigating taboo that surrounds mental health from queer and bodies with experience of forced displacement and the importance of unlearning such reality. Investigate our day-to-day language … Read moreMental Health Practice as Queer Critical Resistance

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