• Malashree

    Poetry I am a 27 year old, queer Nepali artist, linguist, poet, and writer currently pursuing degrees in Die Angewandte & Uni Wien. I write bilingually in English and Nepali. My work explores mental health, identity, gender, language, and chronic illness. In my work, I also explore form and time. I also have previous experience … Read moreMalashree

  • Salty Fries

    Musik Two sweet potatoes cooking up some crunchy & delicious tunes. Prepare for an emotional journey from sassy trash to the deep and meaningful using wavey bossa style guitar, r’n’b beats and their angelic queer-ass vocals.@saltyfries_music 8 pmSpörlingasse Stage

  • মm

    DJ i am মm. (read: mo, like the Bangla alphabet)- a DJ, curator and community organizer. I curate playlists and mix DJ sets along historic and socio-cultural movements of sounds and music and, when possible, I try to evoke the listener’s nostalgia. My sets are heavily inspired by diasporic movements, memories, hybridities and confusions and … Read moreমm

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