Live Acts

Our stage will be full of talent in Vienna’s queer and feminist scene.

Their collective voices have so much to say.

The program will start outside at 2 pm and go into the night.

Street Stage
14:00 Joy
14:30 Arcima Dame
15:00 Small Souki
15:30 Malashree
16:00 Zion Flex
16:30 Poetry from Various Writers
17:00 Lucy
17:30 Dexpleen
18:00 LGBTQIA+ Organizations in Wien
18:30 Xena N.C.
19:00 LoveMore
19:30 Salty Fries
20:15 Aygyul

Inside Villa Vida 
21:00 মm
22:00 Rachel Potter

Learn more about performance artists here.


We are sharing knowledge and evolving. In a world that does not always see us for who we are, it is imperative that we celebrate ourselves and discover ways that we can live our best life.

Our workshops and presentations will be held on the first floor of the Villa in our community space or in the Baker Room of Villa Vida Cafe. 

Click here for a program and to sign up. 

Information Stands


Coming Soon...

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