Mental Health Practice as Queer Critical Resistance

Workshop Language: English

The workshop will navigate the different critical topics around mental health from a social worker’s point of view. It will try to touch the following topics: 

  • Navigating taboo that surrounds mental health from queer and bodies with experience of forced displacement and the importance of unlearning such reality.
  • Investigate our day-to-day language sensitivity toward mental health, and learn sensitive languages to secure the safety of queer folks with experience of mental health


  • The importance of holding a softer space that is decentred from the indoctrination of capitalism.    


This workshop is only for 15 interested people with the rule “First Come First Severed”. CutieBIPoC with experience of seeking asylum and refugee are centered and we ask for participants to be aware of such reality and lead themselves with care, tenderness, and softness. Any forms of violence (homophobia, Lesbophobia, Bi-phobia, Transphobia, Intersexphobia, whorephobia, classism, racism, anti-Blackness, ableism, fatphobia, toxic masculinity, xenophobia, and many more) will not be tolerated.   

Workshop Facilitator: 

Faris Cuchi Gezahegn (they/them) is a performance artist, mental health social worker at Queer Base, and an intersectional LGBTQIA* advocate who uses different mediums such as style activism, video, and audio to bring social change and start a conversation change on the issues they face while navigating day-to-day life as a non-binary Ethiopian/African LGBTQIA* advocate/refugee in central Europe and back in their homeland Ethiopia. They have lived in Austria since 2017, having been granted asylum after their security in Ethiopia got compromised. They co-founded House of La Fab, DAN Social Group, and House of Guramayle grassroots level organizations based in – Ethiopia, Austria, the UK, and the USA., active member of Afro Rainbow Austria  

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